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About Lisa Hogan

Lisa has always been fascinated by martial arts and as a child couldn’t get enough of TV shows like Monkey Magic, The Pink Panther with Kato or the Green Lantern with Bruce Lee.

Lisa’s Martial Arts journey started off as a child at a local Karate club, but she soon found something  was missing.

Many years later Lisa decided to try Martial Arts again as it was something she always wanted to do. Having tried Taekwondo again and realising this wasn’t for Lisa,  after some research Lisa found School of Kung Fu Croydon and decided to give it a try.

It was one of the best decisions Lisa ever made and I was instantly hooked, She signed up for the her first trial lesson.

Lisa soon felt like she had found a second family at the School of Kung Fu and absolutely loved Wing Chun, everyone made Lisa feel so at home and no questions were left unanswered.

Lisa own words: “FINALLY, I have found what I was looking for in a Martial Art and have not looked back.”

Lisa trained under Master Alan Paterson as a student and his knowledge of Wing Chun was extensive, Lisa worked her way up the student grades and dedicated herself to practising every day at home with the help of videos on their website and to extend Lisa’s own Kung Fu learning.

Lisa had the opportunity to join the instructor training program, assisting to teach the children classes and she has mentioned on a few occasions that she was amazed at how much the children got out of the classes and how much they enjoyed them as well as the rewards, programmes and incentives to do well at home and in school.

Lisa’s only regret was she wished she had found the School of Kung Fu allot sooner for her son when he was younger as he had tried Judo but had difficulties with the art and the organisation because he has special needs. 

He found it hard to fit in and it always seemed to be a problem but that is not the case at School of Kung Fu. Lisa has seen many different special needs in classes, this led her to making a major decision to completely change her career for something so much more rewarding and the School of Kung Fu Reigate came into being.

Lisa’s own words: “The enthusiasm I have for Wing Chun Martial Art has driven me to make a difference in the lives of children. To boost their confidence and prepare them to face any challenge that life may throw at them and to make them feel special as I believe that every child should feel special.”

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